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Focus on Self Defense - At Fusion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we focus on teaching the jui jitsu self defense system developed by Master Helio Gracie and passed down through Pedro Sauer to Professor Eddie Edmunds.

Fusion Academy is a Pedro Sauer affiliate Jiu Jitsu School in Salt Lake City.

Dedicated to Technique ©

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Salt Lake City

Fusion Academy’s motto, “Dedicated To Technique” reflects our commitment to the historical tradition of using precise technique to defeat larger, stronger opponents.  Master Helio Gracie imparted this truth to his student Pedro Sauer, who passed it to his student Eddie Edmunds. Professor Edmunds continues to emphasize this key concept to his instructors and students today.

Fusion Academy is Salt Lake City’s premiere Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school. 

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