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August 2017

Renzo seminar

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This past weekend, nearly a hundred people were gathering in St. Louis, Missouri expecting to see world renowned Jiu Jitsu Master, Renzo Gracie for a scheduled seminar.  Then, the impossible happened! Due to inclement weather, ALL flights were canceled from New York.  There were NO flights available.  Not even out of Pennsylvania and DC.  The […]

The UNFORGETTABLE Renzo Gracie Seminar That Almost Didn’t Happen!

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No one would have asked Renzo Gracie to drive 15 hours from his home state of New York to a scheduled seminar held in St. Louis Missouri after his flight got canceled.  ALL flights out of the Big Apple were canceled due to inclement weather. Further, Master Renzo had not slept in 24 hours and […]

May 2017

Interview with Roberto Pedreira

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(Authors Note: Roberto Pedreira is the publisher of the unique Jiu Jitsu and MMA website called: Global Training Report.  This interview is republished from its original in 2003.)                                                       […]

March 2016

Tribute to Black Belt Dean Heileman

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I met Dean Heileman in 1997 when he came to Pedro Sauer’s main academy in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dean and his friend Keith Owen had scheduled a private lesson with me and they were hungry to learn more of the “gentle art.” They drove down from Boise, Idaho where they ran a […]

The Mystery of Tony De Souza and No Gi Training in Peru

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It seems that the country of Peru has brought forth another extraordinary mystery for the world to consider. The Incas, whose great civilization vanished without a trace, would be astounded to see another unique culture rise to prominence throughout its country. This burgeoning civilization is presently known throughout the world as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And […]

May 2015

Gracie Jiu Jitsu & How the UFC Got Started

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Students Learn Self-Defense

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Jennifer Whited, a sophomore, calls it a “martial art without punching,” yet even though Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu does not incorporate classic hand-to-hand fighting techniques, it does teach participants a number of useful self-defense techniques. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a program that stresses a person’s ability rather than his or her size, is one of the newest martial […]

Are You Over Training?

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Are you the type of athlete that is extremely serious about your training, whether that be martial arts training or otherwise? Do you feel guilty or short-changed when you have to miss class? Do you enjoy those incredibly intense workouts that leave you feeling exhausted, like you really accomplished something?

If you answered […]

Rickson Gracie – Exploring Genius

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Numerous modern day Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu masters declare openly that Rickson Gracie’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the supreme expression of the art today. Indeed, many world-class Jiu-Jitsu players, champions in their own right, declare solemnly that Rickson Gracie is a virtuoso.

The intent of this essay is to speak about my personal experience indicating Rickson’s uniqueness […]