May 2017

Interview with Roberto Pedreira

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(Authors Note: Roberto Pedreira is the publisher of the unique Jiu Jitsu and MMA website called: Global Training Report.  This interview is republished from its original in 2003.)                                                       […]

March 2016

The Mystery of Tony De Souza and No Gi Training in Peru

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It seems that the country of Peru has brought forth another extraordinary mystery for the world to consider. The Incas, whose great civilization vanished without a trace, would be astounded to see another unique culture rise to prominence throughout its country. This burgeoning civilization is presently known throughout the world as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And […]

May 2015

Are You Over Training?

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Are you the type of athlete that is extremely serious about your training, whether that be martial arts training or otherwise? Do you feel guilty or short-changed when you have to miss class? Do you enjoy those incredibly intense workouts that leave you feeling exhausted, like you really accomplished something?

If you answered […]