How to Choose A Gi for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

How do You Choose a Gi for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

This is a question we get quite often from new people who are looking to purchase their first Gi for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Salt Lake City. 

Because of this common request, we made a simple guide to help you and it includes links to where you can buy a Gi. 

Fuji Gi's - Dependable All Around Gi's

Best all around Gi for bjj - Fuji

You are never going to go wrong with Fuji Gi’s. They have been around forever. They are tournament legal. They wear well, fit well, and last a long time. 

Fuji offer’s Gi’s in every size, and thickness. 

When you purchase a Fuji Gi, expect to spend at least $150 – $200 to get a decent Gi. 

However, you can spend upwards to $400 on Fuji Gi’s, but that is a pretty pricey gi. 

Link to Fuji Gi’s:

Sanabul - Best Budget Gi

For around $75 you can get a Sanabul Gi. Lots of people have purchased these over the years. They are heavy – they don’t always fit particularly great, but hey, for $75, they are a great starter gi and they are pretty tough. 

But – you can purchase one of our Gym Gi’s made by Sense for $90 and it will fit better and last longer. 

But again – $75 ain’t bad and our students like these gi’s. 

Get them on Amazon

Comfortable and Made in America - Origin Gi's

What can we say – Origin Gi’s are awesome. Everyone who wears them loves their comfort and wearability. 

They are tough, long lasting, and comfortable. 

AND – their price point has come down. You can now get an Origin Gi for close to $165. For awhile they were hovering at nearly $400, which was a lot to swallow for people. But today, they are right in line with other Gi’s of similar quality – and – they are a lot more comfortable to wear according to our gym members. 

Order Direct from Origin

Summary - Best Gi for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

We understand that there are lots of Gi manufacturers out there and we have not covered any where near all of them. But these Gi’s we have mentioned above will never do you wrong. They are tried and tested by our people right here in our home gym. 

If by chance you are a gi manufacturer and wish to see your name here – hey, send us a Gi and we will put it to the test. But until we’ve proven it for ourselves, it won’t make our little list here. 


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