To confer power on, make powerful; (in later use) spec. to give (a person) more control over his or her life or circumstances

Women’s Empowerment Is Taught in Three Phases

Most systems teach only physical techniques — but that’s only part of the training. Our Women’s Samurai training focuses on three core principles that are necessary for total
Empowerment: Verbal, Physical, and Environmental.  Combining each of these separate empowerment modalities allows the student to practice and truly understand an overall approach to training that is critical for true empowerment.

Verbal Empowerment

Using “No” “Stop” “Get Back” as Command Phrases that we use to initiate empowerment.  The Verbal phase is the most critical phase because it pushes the individual to get out of their comfort zone and use their voice as a tool of defense and it aids in mentally strengthening the individual

Physical Empowerment

This phase teaches defenses against chokes, rushing attacks, tackles, grabs, hair pulling etc.  Each scenario has specific techniques taught and the women will drill this to become skilled and competent with each technique.  This phase also includes the use of the Verbal Commands to enhance the physical empowerment ability of the candidate.

Environmental Empowerment

This phase deals with going outside and looking at target areas and physical areas that can be danger areas for someone to walk near or by.  It is also a way for helping the individuals to be aware of their environment and surrounding.  This last phase will also have the individuals practice their Verbal and Physical techniques outside.

Our Women’s Empowerment also receive a certificate upon completion that is a Women’s Samurai certificate.  The women samurai or Onna Bugeisha were recognized as samurai — just like the men.


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To Whom It May Concern,

l am writing this letter on behalf of Eddie Edmunds. Eddie runs Team Fusion Academy in Salt Lake City;
Fusion Academy is an affiliate of the Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association. Eddie teamed up with my husband and I to present a Women’s Empowerment Seminar out of our School, Alive and Kickin Martial Arts on several occasions. Eddie is gracious, enthusiastic, and respectful. He made all the women, no matter what their age or fitness level believe they could learn to protect themselves. He is
passionate about empowering women and martial arts in general. He is knowledgeable and able to pass that knowledge on through example. The seminar focused on the mental aspect of safety, technique, and overall physical health. We discussed being prepared mentally and physically, trusting our gut instincts, being alert, being aware of warning signs and knowing what places are inherently more dangerous. The women engaged in hands on learning. For example, we had real scenarios for the women to experience and use their new-found knowledge. One night the women practiced getting into a parked car outside in the dark, giving them a more real sense of reaction time, dealing with fear and how to get away. Eddie provides invaluable information and techniques to empower women in all
settings. For more information, I can be contacted at (435) 725-6300.

Tricia Bennett LCSW
Clinical Site Supervisor
3rd Degree Blackbelt

Tricia Bennett LCSW, Northeastern Counseling Center
Team Fusion;

My 15 year old daughter Emily & I participated in the women’s self-defense seminar in April at the Team Fusion Academy.

The class was led by certified Jiu Jitsu black belt Eddie Edmunds and an interactive band of instructors who immediately got everyone engaged and out of their comfort zones. Beads of sweat formed initially not from the physical exertion but from confrontational role playing.

We were all taught proven techniques to help be safer and more aware in our community, school, and work environments.

I would highly recommend a series of these sessions as we all become more fluid in our movements over time with practice.

Thanks guys for taking the hits!

Rhonda Nicoloff
President & CEO
A&K Railroad Materials, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to inform you that Eddie Edmunds, and the team from the Fusion Academy came to our workplace, Workman Nydegger, and taught a women’s self defense course. The women at the firm found the information and defense skills to be very helpful, and they could feel his desire to help the women of the community. The response was so great that he offered to conduct a women’s self defense seminar the following saturday for anybody that was interested. Many women at the firm felt empowered afterward, and we were very glad they attended his class. From my experience working with Eddie, I would recommend him to teach what he knows to other organizations, as I think it will be very helpful to all.

Human Resource Director